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7 reasons why Vietnamese people are awesome!

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You love a place because of beautiful sights, because of local food, because of the good service and sometimes, the reason is very simply, you love a place because you love people there. So can see that Vietnamese is one of important reasons make tourist want to travel to Vietnam again.

  1. The care

Vietnamese people are really great. They know how to make you feel comfortable when you are sad. When you travel to Vietnam, especially is alone, maybe you will feel bored and sorrow but don’t worry about it. You just go to a café or sit somewhere, then you will see many people go to you and ask you whether you need your help. If you have lived in Vietnam for a long time, you will realize that when you sick, when you feel everything is not ok, Vietnamese friends never let you alone. You just want to tell them and they will have many methods to make you feel better. They always there, support you, take care of you. The care is a part of Vietnamese culture from long time ago and it still continue to nowadays. It’s really precious when social become more and more colder.

  1. Friendly and gentle

People always smile and say “Hi” to you. When I go to Ben Thanh market, I hear that many sellers can say many languages. You want to buy something but you don’t know how to describe it for sellers and then, you decide don’t buy it anymore. But in Vietnam, you just want to say in your language, and they can use your own language to introduce to you, especially is in big market in large cities such as Dong Xuan market (Ha Noi), Ben Thanh market (Ho Chi Minh)… Or they will help you translate it, make you feel more easier, even you don’t buy anything. Vietnamese people friendly even in small situations such as ask road, give you some tips… They also are ready to inviting you to party, introduce you with their friends and help you a lot when you in Vietnam. They do that because they really like foreigners and they want to make a good impression for foreigners, not because of other purpose so don’t hesitate, let Vietnamese show you their friendly and gentle.

  1. Traditional Rituals and Good Manners

Vietnam has many traditional festivals: Tet holiday, moon festival… and many festivals in each area. You will surprise with list of festivals in Vietnam. They like celebrating party and festival because it makes their life more colorful and it’s also occasion to introduce culture of Vietnam to foreigners. They can spend a week or even a month before the time festivals are celebrated. You will love this atmosphere and if you have time and chance, let try to join a traditional festival in Viet Nam.


Another way, Vietnamese has many good customs and habits such as: Eating Chung cake in Tet holidays, pay respects to a dead person with family members in Pure Brightness festival… If you are interested in customs and habits of Vietnamese, you can try learning and sure that this will make you more understand about Vietnamese.

  1. Family Support

Family is an important part of Vietnamese people and society in everyday life. In Vietnam family always stand by you, support you. It is the place where you can do what you want, where you can be yourself. Family encourages you when you meet troubles in life. This is meaning of family in Vietnam. Today, we prefer to spend most of our time with friends but Vietnamese people, although busy all day, they still go back home and eat dinner together. They share their sadness as well as happiness. If Vietnamese friend decide to invite you to eat dinner with her/him family, it means that you and she/he are best friends.

  1. Optimistic Attitude

Vietnam is the country has long history. Vietnam had passed many wars in the past. Watching articles, videos or history of Vietnam wars, you can feel  that Vietnam wars are very sorrow and violent. No matter what happened, Vietnamese people still have optimistic attitude. Now, many Vietnamese people are very poor and they meet many problems in life such as cost of living, working stress… But smile always on their faces. They look are very happy in anytime. They live in each moment and satisfied with their life. You will admire their attitude, and they will make me have spirit.

  1. The Disregard for fashion rules

You don’t need to worry about what kind of clothes should you put on when you in Vietnam. Vietnamese people don’t care about that. They accept all of styles. You can put on anything, just remember not too sexy because it don’t suit culture of Vietnamese. You also can meet many special styles, don’t have rules styles on Vietnam streets. Sure that you can be yourself when you in Vietnam. Vietnamese people just curious about you, they don’t judge you by cover. They also are very interested in when they see you put on their traditional clothes as Ao dai, Non la… You will love these things unconditionally because of their cute and active of Vietnamese people.


  1. Be fond of studying

Vietnamese people are fond of studying new things. They can spend all day in order to listen to you about your cultures, your country, languages, cuisine… They also ask you many questions about places you have travelled to. They also don’t hesitate to teach you some useful sentences in Vietnamese or share with you receipt of  traditional dishes. They not only study by listening but also immediately practice what you said if they find that this thing easy to do or really interesting. That is the reason they learn new things quickly and more easier than other people of other country.

There are 7 reasons why Vietnamese people are awesome. Let travel to Vietnam and let myself experience friendly, care, atmosphere of festival of Vietnamese people.

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