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5 Habits of the Vietnamese that will Hit you Like a Ton of Bricks

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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful country,  not only are culture (from many other lands in china), language (simplified Chinese and dialect)… various but also habits of people are very interesting.  Sometimes people see that habits of the Vietnamese are strange, even funny. Others think they are not too polite and almost them are bad behavior. But do we really understand Vietnamese’s habits? Below are some habits we often see in Vietnamese. You must to know them if you are planning to live in Vietnam.

  1. They smoking everywhere

If you travel to many countries, you will realize that Vietnam is the country which has many people like smoking more than other countries. And if you travelled to Vietnam ago, you have to admit this and maybe you will feel uncomfortable. Many tourist, especially from Europe says that smoking is very bad and it not good for the environment. Vietnamese smoking anywhere: In the streets, in supermarket, in cinema, restaurants,  on buses, or in hospital, including areas with no spitting signs. They like smoking, especial is man because the Vietnamese believe that smoking will help them don’t feel stress anymore and it make conversation more easier when you start with inviting smoke. Vietnam government knows that because of the reasons, many tourist don’t want to come to Vietnam again and smoking is really harmful so this action are declined in large cities in public areas such as buses, restaurant… However, in many areas, smoking still becomes a habit of people there. If you go to countryside, you even can’t find a courteous citizen here. They feel that it is normal and they also don’t care more about their health.

  1. The Vietnamese are very interested in crowded

The Vietnamese are really curious. If they are going out, even going to company, to school but when they see a crowded or just four or five people are talking or watching something, they will immediately stop what they are doing and take a look on crowded. Sometimes they use mobile phone in order to recording or taking pictures. “Personal” is a word which many people forgot. This also makes Vietnamese is different from other people in the world. If you are foreigners, don’t hesitate take a look as local person.

Vietnamese usually go together. We are a part of crowd, remember that. Moreover, if you go alone, thief or robber will notice you, so take care you bag, wallet when you go out. First time, crowded make you feel uncomfortable or make you are crazy because you love silent but don’t worry, you will get used to it quickly. And you will be attracted by the atmosphere of crowded there. Why don’t you go with friend or make some new Vietnamese friends then go together? It’s really more fun than alone, especially you are in Vietnam.

  1. The unbelievable traffic system

Vietnamese is developing country so traffic system also has some problems. Traffic transports  have buses, taxi, train, Xich lo… Almost people use electric bike and motorbike. They also have great drivers who always ready introduce you about your country. But because of lack of road, so traffic in Vietnamese more complex than you think. In the time start working (7am) and finish working (5pm), you will see the unbelievable traffic system: Cars, motorbikes, bikes all of a sudden appear and roads quickly full of traffic transport. The Vietnamese need to put on safety helmet when they use traffic transport such as electric bike or motorbike. The most important problem is how you can cross the road on that time? Be careful and wait traffic light. If the road don’t have traffic light, you can use hand to sign that you want to cross road, driver will decrease speed and now you can easily cross the road. But don’t forget that you should see carefully road before cross because in Vietnam, many drivers don’t observe traffic law and they even don’t say sorry to you if they are wrong. But sometimes, let behave as the road is empty, no traffic transport here then across the road. The Vietnamese not dare to hit you and you will feel like a boss, many local person also do that. This is interesting experience in Vietnam.



  1. The Vietnamese are very noisy

Like crowded and of course, no reason that they don’t like noisy. Vietnam has many festival and holiday every year. In this time, they will celebrate some parties and invite friends to house. If you are foreigners, and you are invited by a Vietnamese friend to join their party, you will think that “So great!”  But you will have a headache when you come there. The Vietnamese are very noisy. They talk in the highest voice, laugh louder, even yell and shout. Time of the party maybe celebrate in 4 or 6 hours, even all day. They say many things, sing, and dance. Sometimes you love it and if it in home, no problem. But in the public areas: Restaurant, café, supermarket… They still raise their voice, even they are talking about personal troubles. They don’t care about people around and behave like the area is their own. This will make tourist feel mad and immediately notice them about this. Sometimes, they says sorry, almost is younger generation but with older person, they ignore.

  1. Take a nap at noon

Vietnamese people are very hard-working. They have a daily schedule and do it seriously. They work 8 hours per day, but sometimes they work overtime. So nap time is very important for them to have spirit in order to continue working. They don’t need to sleep on bed, they can sleep at anywhere. They just sit and close eyes or lay down, sit somewhere: Office, café, library, factory… about 20 or 30 minutes. This is a good habit and it is also good for health.


There are 5 habits of the Vietnamese we usually see in them. Good or bad habits still make Vietnamese become more special and attract many tourist travel there each year.

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