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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Studying Vietnamese in Vietnam

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When you decide to study abroad, you will meet many problems and questions about many problems such as environment, language, food… there, especially is in Vietnam – one of the most beautiful country in Asia. And here is the great article to help you make a right decision if you really want to studying Vietnamese in Vietnam.

  1. Tell me little about Vietnam?

The official of Vietnam is Socialist republic of Vietnam. Vietnam has a long history and brilliant culture. The weather here has four seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. North Vietnam often raining but South Vietnam is very hot. Vietnamese people are very friendly and optimistic. You will get used to living in Vietnam quickly.

  1. What is Vietnamese language?

The official language in Vietnam is Vietnamese, it is used by King people and it is a first or second language of ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Vietnamese language was constructed in 10 century and it use latin alphabet so it is more easier for you to learn Vietnamese.


  1. Which are the cities in Vietnam where you should study Vietnamese in?

We would prefer study in large cities than countryside so you can choose Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh is your destination. The culture and historical in all of lanes.

On the contrary, the air there very polluted with higher cost of living. Besides, there are many cities you can live in such as: Da Nang, Ha Long, Hai Phong… All of which just need a lower cost of living. They also have many beautiful places. However, local accent may be a challenge for some students.  North Vietnamese  speak will have a litter different from South Vietnamese speak. But you still should search for more information about small cities before you decide.

In general, living in Vietnam is not overly expensive for daily items. You can live comfortably on 200-300 USD per month.

  1. Is Vietnamese difficult to learn?

“Is the language difficult to learn?”  is the frequently asked question when we start studying new language. The main reason make me feel that Vietnamese is very difficult is Vietnamese tones – how to pronounce. The pronunciation will take many times of you. If you think Chinese tone is hard, I can tell you that Vietnamese tone is more harder. Besides, Vietnamese grammar and vocabulary is very difficult for foreigners to learn but it’s very easy to remember. If you are trying to learn Vietnamese, don’t worry, Vietnamese willing to help you studying.

  1. How long does it take to learn Vietnamese?

It depends on your  level and your work hard. If you spend 45-60 minutes each day, you can communicate fluency in Vietnamese in about a year. However, you need to make a daily study schedules and really follow it. Moreover, you should take chance to talk with Vietnamese, especial when you in Vietnam because you are having a good environment. Vietnamese with alphabets and tones will be the first things you start with, second is grammar.

  1. Too many extra lessons and homework in Vietnam

If you plan to study in Vietnam, you have to realize that studying time in Vietnam will start at 7am and class will finish at 5pm, don’t like almost country start class at 8am. Then you also need to go to many extra lessons if necessary. Because Vietnamese students always go to extra lesson even they don’t want. Their friends do, so they afraid they don’t keep up with them, and they really finish a day at 10pm, after two extra classes. On the other hand, Vietnamese student have many homework need to do in a day. So let prepare yourself for homework and extra class if you want to study in Vietnam.

  1. About this scholarship

Each year, the Vietnamese goverment will have many scholarship programs. To applying Vietnamese goverment, you should prepare many things as required and completed application before deadline. Many scholarship cover accommodation fees, health insurance, flight ticket…

  1. Visa requirements

You need visa to studying in Vietnam, even you are citizen from Asia if you stay in Vietnam for more 30 days. The are many types of Vietnamese visa, for many purpose, such as Travel, work… and for studying, we have two types of visa.  if you plan to study in Vietnam more than 6 months, it costs about 95 USD and if time less than 6 months, price is 135 USD. You need to prepare passport requirements, Vietnam visa application form, photo requirements, official invitation from the school in Viet Nam. You can make application from embassy office or some companies provide this service. It will take 1 weeks from the day you send application.

  1. My Vietnamese is not good, can I survive in Vietnam?

Why not? Almost Vietnamese in big city can use english or other language, especially is many younger Vietnamese learn english and some of them can speak many languages and they really love to take the chance to communicate with foreigners, introduce about their country so you don’t need to worry about that. For the first time, may be you will feel little culture shock, then everything will fine. You can use use youtube, google… or some translation app in Vietnam, sign or body language. Don’t forget learning some useful sentences before you go to study in Vietnam.

  1. Eating and Drinking

Believe in Vietnam cuisine! Vietnam food is reviewed by many tourist.  Cuisine has many kind, with many famous local food such as Pho, Cha ca, Banh xeo, Cao lau, Bun Cha… You will be attracted by this dished.  You can try local food and drinks, taste them and enjoy street food there. But you also need to remember that not to eat too much from street stalls. Almost street stalls are not really insured.



Sure that you still have more questions about studying in Vietnam but hopefully these answers will help you solve all of important problems. Studying in Vietnam will become a great and interesting experience, don’t miss it!

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