The official License from Vietnam National Department of Tourism
Extremely stringent procurement process
Services delivered to you must been through multiple checking- layers to ensure 100% perfect trip + 100% safe trip
Step 1 brand licensing qualification only purchase and cooperate with well- known and trusted- worthy suppliers / vendors. All suppliers / vendors must be taken the qualification of the our company's rigorous audits to ensure that suppliers is of our standard
Meanwhile, our strong and long time cooperation with vendors / suppliers (with strategic sourcing agreements) to ensure the price of tours / services are really cheap!
Step 2 Suppliers / vendors five steps review
Business license, tax registration certificate, tourism certificate, invoice authentication, food safety certificate, we strictly control inspection !
Step 3 Services review inspection report
We tested the services to comply with the national standard and our own regulations and standards.
After multiple tests, only best vendors / suppliers we can reach cooperation!
FAQ: Why is price of usually lower than other travel companies ?
10% to 12%
5% to 8%
4% to 9%
10% to 15%
Savings over travel companies
30% -45%
Purchase Quantity: Good
Other travel companies
Smaller purchase power means prices are higher
Long- time relationship, bigger number of services means prices must be lower.
Operating costs:
Other travel companies
Expensive rents, traditional travel companies must pay much into the store fees, festival fees, various fees and costs will accumulate
We live online. We save cost to serve our customer lowest price coubld be !
Ecosystem: we built by ourselves

We own cars, day-tour cruises... can save costs. Besides, we operate tours by ourselves.

Other travel companies: they just only have higt- renting- cost office and outsourcing services or sell their customers to bigger travel companies.

Brand Deals: more savings
We usually launch deals or special prices, promotion for our customers (which are based on our big customer base and strong purchase power). Great price and great deals for our customers !
And "no reason to return" - policy of difference:
We are like no other - different services + different customer care policy


Prestigious awards certificates
Commerce Department A-credit certification
16 years of success, we are worth to multiple prizes and awards. Not many travel companies can compete.
2 modern and large Call centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city - waiting your smile is your most trusted and save- cost- plan when travel in Vietnam